races and prices

All drivers receive full tuition, track and safety briefing.

Helmets, overalls, gloves and waterproofs are all provided if necessary.

You just need to bring an old pair of trainers to drive in.

race format

Dressed in your racing suit you will be fully briefed before driving our buggies. You will then be taken on a walk of our 1.5 km track.

Your driving experience will start with a session of Practice Laps as an ideal introduction to driving the circuit and handling characteristics of the buggies. With each lap, your confidence will grow as you get to know how the buggy handles and learn about picking the best lines of the circuit while getting plenty of sideways action!!

Then the real fun starts, it's time to get airborne!! You are briefed and will then complete your two-timed racing sessions. You will complete a number of timed laps in this section, racing over jumps and navigating tight turns. The stopwatch is on so don't spin out!

The fastest qualifiers will then go head to head in the semi finals, with the quickest facing off in our grand final.

All drivers are guaranteed a minimum of 3 driving sessions.

We provide refreshments in our spectators' area where you can view other driver’s performance between your races.


2 hr - 2.5 hr: Grand Prix Race Session - €60 per person